Getting stressed by low battery problem?



9 out of 10 Britons feel stressed when their devices run out of battery (DAILY MAIL REPORTER)

ChargeApp came to DMI with a clear objective of solving low battery problem with their prepaid charging units.


DMI started with research for set goal to help user locate and navigate to the nearest ChargeApp chargepoint and proposed an iOS and Android apps. The app would allow user to set the distance parameter and also low battery parameter to receive the warning. The app was gamified by offering discount coupon of various market place depending upon the use of chargepoint. 



The solution followed DMI process of discovering the space by leading to ideation phase and testing of prototypes. Since it was a new concept, DMI helped in building a brand for ChargeApp from logo design process to setting up of visual guidelines.

It is the saviour app for all electronic devices in the 21st century. Panic ensues whenever you see the little red battery symbol flashing on your device but do not fret, ChargeApp is here to save your day.

No longer do you need to carry your charging cable, just simply find one of our secure charging stations conveniently located in your city and charge away.




App Branding


Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 11.37.50 PM

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