Usability audit of Dealer Management System (DMS) and Agent Management System (AMS)

Smotucon_mobile@3xThis audit was requested by “CLIENT” to examine the usability efficiency of its developed Web and Android-based prototype of Dealer Management System and Agent Management System applications. The audit involved review and analysis of the application, highlight usability issues, rate each issue based on severity/urgency of the problem and suggest suitable suggestion to improve the user experience of the application.

The user experience evaluation was conducted by using Jacob Nielsen usability heuristic method to determine the efficiency of the application and to see if it meets the intended experience goals of both user and the business.


This document provides information about usability issues findings, suggestions to improve the experience of the Dealer Management System and Agent Management System for The Web and Android applications.

Severity type for issues was identified Irritants/Minor, Major and Showstoppers and their ratings were defined from 0 to 4.

The prototypes provided to us were built on Axure.

The issues evaluated in this report corresponds to the following elements:

1.    Navigation & Structure    

2.    Visual Design

3.    Layout

4.    Labeling

5.    Content

6.    Error Handling & Prevention

UX issues identified after inspection [AMS+DMS]

1.    Irritants-37

2.    Major-57

3.    Showstoppers-5

Spider Plot based on severity type and ratings


AMS – Android Audit



DMS – Android Audit


DMS – Web Audit