My Students

Design by UX Design Students of B.Des First Semester, Amity


Clothish Sell it. Love it by Aaryan Kumar

Aim: The primary aim of this project is to Create a platform for the local retailer to Sell their clothes online. And could improve the sale.

· To provide an online platform to the local cloth retailers.
· To investigate the potential problems with the local Retailers.
· Many of the clothing businesses were shut down due to the Pandemic.
· To understand the real pain point what a retailer is facing.
· To evaluate the prototype with an existing clothing retailer.


Bites-Anytime is a Good Time for Cake! by Akash Kumar Saw

Aim: This project aims to build a platform for cake sellers to sell their cakes online and improve sales.

· Through this platform, we can help cake sellers to increase their sale.
· Help them to expand their service through this platform.
· People can get their cake at the doorstep with precautions and they will not have to step out of the home.
· Ordering cake online will give more than 100s of options for the cake designs, while we go to the shop, will get a limited number of cakes and designs.


Kirana Konnect by Aryan Kataria

Aim: To build a platform for Kirana shop owners and consumers to fulfill each other’s requirements.

· Covid-19 had a massive impact on Kirana shops; the majority of people start purchasing items online.
· I aim to build a hyper local platform where all retailers can register themselves and consumers can buy household items from them.


Pet-a-paw by Ashyani Arora

Aim: To create a digital product to assist street dogs.

· The main objective for achieving the aim is to have proper research, knowing about the street dogs’ problems, and limit the efforts to dog and other non-domestic animals.
· To make an app that can facilitate adoption as well as other necessities in realtime.


Readin by Astha Garg

Aim: To help students read books, Create an environment of learning while sitting at home.

· To help them read books with friends.
· To be a part of various clubs and societies and discuss books.
· To enjoy multiple environments while reading
· To brainstorm ideas on a common platform to take notes and keep track.


Peephole by Bhavraj Singh

Aim: Visitor detection indication.

· To get an on-screen notification by an emoji.
· To link the camera and handset with the doorbell.