Conference Room Reservation System


A mobility based conference room reservation system is needed for “CLIENT” which will integrate with the existing Conference Room Reservation system approach, and scale up to handle large volumes of reservation traffic.

“CLIENT” wants to have a system that allows them to locate available rooms based on their requirements and allow to make easy reservations.  Organization highlighted the need to abide by privacy and security regulations. Due to large amount of requests “CLIENT” needed an easy and high performance reservation system on mobile.


To enhance the user experience of Conference Room Reservation System on mobile device and integrate it with the existing reservation protocol.

  • Utilizing insights from the workshop.
  • Iterate with business objectives and technical constraints to rapidly explore the opportunity landscape.
  • The result will be an opportunity map, or a technological solution, depending upon the nature of the challenge.

Activities Conducted


1. Stakeholder Interviews


2. Sample Persona



Q.1 Which conference room booking system do you use?

Ans. SharePoint based Conference Room Reservation System (The system is grown in-house).

Q.2. Approximately How many reservation request is made in a day?

Ans. Approx. 200 to 300 requests are made per day using the system.

Q.3. Target Audience?

Ans. OIT and OAM Team

Q.4. How do you rate the current conference room booking system ? On the scale of 5 (1 as low and 5 as high).

Ans. Rating may be Low 2. Our system should be on mobile

Q.5. What kind of devices do you use in the conference room?

Ans. Projector, TV, Caller facility, Analog Phone, Polycom, Internet, White Board…

Q.6. Did you ever face a situation where you needed to book a Conference Room and you were not able to make the booking? – so what did you do in that situation…?

Ans. Many a times, when booking confirmation is not received from Admin, meeting was conducted offline or re-scheduled.

Q.7. What is the most frustrating thing about the current booking system? Examples…


  • POC is not aware which room will be reserved?.
  • POC cannot modify reservations.
  • Rooms are also getting double booked many a times.
  • Room allocation is a manual process, done by Admin.
  • POC cannot see the booking status until it is approved
  • Confirmation is not received instantaneously.

Q.8. How can the current reservation system be improved according to your needs? Mention few additional features that you want to include in the system?


  • Facilitate Room Reservation via mobile.
  • The POC should be able to select the room from available rooms.
  • The POC should be able to modify reservations.
  • Notifications on booking status would be a nice to have feature.

Q.9. Had there been a situation in which you were to attend a conference/meeting, but you could not locate that particular room?…. please explain with example…

Ans. Generally, there are many rooms available. POC coordinates internally. Though a very good naming convention for rooms, still people sometime find it difficult to locate the room. Observation: via desk phone and official/ personal mobile.

Q.10. Can you tell me an instance, where you were to attend an important conference/meeting, but you knew you could not make it on time. What did you do in that situation…?

Ans. Attendees take the call from mobile phone in this situation.

Q.11. How many meeting rooms are there. (Approximately)?

Ans. Approximately 80.

Q.12. In what scenarios you attend meeting/conferences through mobile phone?

Ans. Whenever attendees are working from home

Q.13. How do you know if the conference room is fully equipped with conference equipment?

Ans. Admin is contacted for this purpose and request is made with specific requirements.

Workshop and Brainstorming


Current System Flow


Customer Journey Map



Synthesis | Features Identified for POC

  • Show reservation status
  • Must be able to ask for available room
  • Easy update/change reservation request
  • Easy to cancel a reservation request
  • In App messaging for up coming meeting
  • Floor navigation (if possible)
  • Should be able to contact admin (email/call)

Features identified for MOCKUP

  • All features of POC
  • Floor Map & Navigation (Depends upon technical feasibility)
  • Sorting and Filtering options for Room Reservation List
  • View Past Reservations
  • Edit Room Reservation Request
  • Share Room Reservation via email

App Map | Navigation flow


Wireframes | Skeleton of a mobile app


Visual Mockups | UI Design


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